another hand print


While Elisa was having her metalwork lesson with Richard, I explored outside his barn/workshop/studio with camera in hand. Amazing what visual treasures can be found in what seems like a junkyard of old cars, farm equipment, snowblowers and assorted machine parts. For Richard, these are treasures in parts to recycle and put to new uses like Elisa’s frame but also something he made for me that I will tell you about later after we’ve installed it and taken photos.

My favourite image found and photographed amongst the fascinating rusty shapes and textures has to be this hand print! How long ago did some worker with oily hands leave his mark here? Was it intentional or accidental? For me, who has long been fascinated by hands in ancient rock art, and I’ve written many a blog post about it, this is astonishingly evocative and rich in synchronicity.

Added June 18th: Richard has commented below with a bit of history of the snowblower upon which sits the handprint, so I thought I would add the photo of the chute, below. Can you see that handprint?


June 17, 2011 in Being an Artist, Photoworks, Textures by Marja-Leena