another print


Some time back, I presented a little show-and-tell on how I proof my prints before printing the whole edition, a standard practise for printmakers. I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a series of archival inkjet prints based on manipulated photographs of rocks (taken last summer), with collagraphs printed over them. A number of readers expressed great interest in seeing the process and have been asking me to show more. I showed these collagraphs, but forgot to take the camera on the day I printed that edition. Heavy beast that it is, yesterday I did make a point of taking it along.

First I did a trial print (above) of this collagraph on plain white paper to get a feeling for the right inking and wiping technique as well as the best consistency of black ink. Happy with that, I printed it on an inkjet print on inexpensive proofing paper. Notice that I’ve wiped the ink more cleanly to allow for more transparency. I was very excited and pleased with the result (below). Then I moved on to the editioning, printing the collagraph on the archival inkjet prints that I’d printed some time back. All went well, looking even better than this proof, being on superior paper. I wish everyday in the studio was as successful!

I hope to make one more collagraph for one more inkjet print to complete this group. Once that’s been editioned, dried and documented, I will setup the camera on a tripod and take some GOOD photographs. Watch for them here in two or three weeks!


March 17, 2007 in Being an Artist, Digital printmaking, Printmaking by Marja-Leena