another storm

The west coast continues to have numerous windstorms, making for an unusual number this fall and winter. On Friday (January 5th) we had snow in some areas, including ours. That night a short but powerful windstorm caused another power outage, our second one in three weeks, though not as bad as the last one.

We had been watching a movie on DVD that had been lent to us – In Her Shoes (I like Shirley MacLaine). About two-thirds of the way through suddenly there was a pop and the power went off. That’s when we noticed the fierce windstorm outside.

The next morning, my husband went outside to check the street and noticed that a huge maple tree between our next door neighbour and the property on her other side had cracked and split, dropping its branches on the high voltage power lines, the street lamp and on the cables running to her house. Later I noticed her huge old apple tree in the backyard had fallen over, roots and all, fortunately not touching her house!

This was pretty close to home. Once again our neighbourhood was out of power for about 36 hours, and without internet for a bit longer than that. We heard that there had been lightning in some areas, and there were power outages in many locales but haven’t found anything about it online, yet. Local news is being dominated by the collapse of the roof of BC Place Stadium.

Anyways, we’ve been distracted and busy keeping the fireplace going and candles lit when dark, having cold meals and hot tea. Mother Nature continues to reveal (and revel in) her power over us and remind us how we take our modern conveniences for granted, and how helpless we can be, but we are thankful to be OK! And I keep writing about the weather. Now I hope we can see the rest of the movie…

January 7, 2007 in Canada and BC, Home by Marja-Leena