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archival inkjet and engraving
78.5 x 58 cm.

Last month I finished another addition to my ongoing ARKEO series, which of course may be viewed in the gallery***.

I used Sintra again as I did for ARKEO #4. This time, instead of making a collagraph, I made a very spontaneous engraving. I'm very pleased with the result.

*** The 'gallery' is undergoing "renovation" so the link has been removed until the new one is ready. The other works in the series may be viewed by visiting the ARKEO link under Printworks. (Updated Dec.30th, 2012)

Marja-Leena | 09/11/2008 | 14 comments
themes: Arkeo, Printworks


Fascinatingly reminiscent of Finland...

Wow, that's lovely.

I've just spent a very happy time feasting my eyes on your artwork and I am ready to go back into stress work zone. Thank you for the break!

Wonderful. Very tender, at least to me.

Mouse, reminiscent of Finland? That's interesting...

Leslee, thanks much.

Rosie, glad this gave you pleasure!

Lady P, tender? Hmm, food for thought, thank you.

The layering of liquid, hard and soft elements makes this very arresting to the senses. The surface invites one to reach out a finger to it. That feather is intriguing and raises speculation about the owl woman. I have just been over to the gallery and looked at the whole series - it is evolving into quite a statement.

Anna, thanks for your lovely response to my work. It pleases me no end. This strange creature or owl woman is still with me and may appear again...

Gorgeous, Marja-Leena! I love the depth of the piece!

What a rich variety of textures and out of them such simplicity! Much appreciated.

Joan, thank you.

Joe, thanks, much appreciated here too!

Wonderful, tactile image. And quite humorous, in a way. Thaat's the owl-woman speaking!

Natalie, thanks so much. I'm so pleased you could see the light-heartedness that I felt here.

This certainly cannot be summed up instantly. Even more than usual I want to look and look again, to savour the elements, to gaze at the total effect, to wonder like in a dream. The eye sees what the fingers feel, the drawing tickles the memory of something first brushed away - remembering something never seen before. Your work cannot be put in a box: there are too many dimensions.

Olga, thank you! You always have such insightful observations. I wish we could sit down together and talk art!