ARKEO series


detail from ARKEO #2

My latest completed work may now be viewed in my gallery** – please have a look at ARKEO.

Regular readers may find the first one looks familiar. Now titled ARKEO #1, I had posted about in its earliest form, then in a later state. You may find it interesting to compare its development.

I work mostly in series and I usually wait to complete the whole series before I come up with the title. This time I have only three completed pieces to start with but the title came to me readily. However I hesitate to write too much about it in case it will limit the directions that future pieces in the series may take.

As always, I struggle with the words summarizing my work. It’s particularly challenging for me to do so in one or two sentences, such as for this ‘gallery’*. A huge thank you goes to my visiting daughter Anita, a writer and editor, for brainstorming with me last night, helping me to clarify what my work is about and guiding me to a concise way to say it. This morning, it was clear to me that I’m still continuing to explore variations on the same themes as I did in my earlier series going back over more than a decade: messages (Silent Messengers series), connections (Nexus series), paths (Paths series), and transformation, deterioration (Meta-morphosis series) in the context of past, present and future. (See, this is wordy. Hope you like the one in the gallery much better.)

* this newest gallery does not have any statements about the work.
** UPDATE again, re latest 2012 gallery: The ARKEO series may now be viewed in my new GALLERY (link also found on the top of the left bar)

August 26, 2008 in Arkeo, Being an Artist, Digital printmaking, Printworks by Marja-Leena