Art Criticism

I have been following some interesting discussions on art criticism recently. First at Iconoduel, in the entry James Elkins on Our Moribund Critical Discourse Dan writes an excellent critique of James Elkins’ book What Happened to Art Criticism?

Then at Modern Art Notes, Tyler Green has a two-day (part 1) and (part 2) chat with Village Voice art critic Jerry Saltz, whose book of his writings, Seeing Out Loud was published recently.

Tyler provides a link and suggestion to read the first six paragraphs to understand the context of their discussion about critics and having positions. I found this particularly interesting from an artist’s perspective.

Later, I found Anna L. Conti said go read Tyler Green’s interview! Today, Sally McKay writes: “Who’d have thought art criticism was such a hot topic?” referring to the James Elkin review.
So now I add my suggestion to read these articles and let me know what you think.

Update: July 16.04 The discussion continues at Iconoduel – Dan has read the books so is best able to write about them!

July 15, 2004 in Concepts by Marja-Leena