artist-blogger interviewed

Roberta of roberta fallon and libby rosof’s artblog recently visited artist-blogger Anna L. Conti in San Francisco, then wrote a long, warm and fascinating interview of Anna, with plenty of photos of her in her studio. I’ve been looking out for this after Anna had written about Roberta’s visit and that there was a post pendig at artblog – and what a great one it is!

Anna’s Working Artist’s Journal has always been my favourite and most admired artist’s blog as long as I’ve been blogging myself, and I’m so pleased for her that the venerable artblog has featured her and revealed so many interesting things about this amazing artist and blogger.

I emailed Roberta to thank her for this wonderful post. I hope she won’t mind if I reveal some of her response which struck a chord of agreement in me:

the internet is so remarkable in its ability to bring people together. I just love that. anna said to me she wondered if the internet was creating the links or just revealing links that were already there. I kind of think it’s forcing community — in a good way. it’s something humans need badly and nowadays even more!

(By the way, look for another post forthcoming at artblog about Roberta’s and Anna’s gallery tour in SF.)

August 17, 2005 in Being an Artist, Other artists by Marja-Leena