artist’s hand


Many Finnish bloggers have jumped on board Valokuvatorstai or Photo Thursday. Each week on Thursday a new theme is presented. You are to take a digital photo inspired by that theme, post it on your blog, then email the link to the site above within the week. I’ve been asked to participate a couple of times and this week the theme of ‘hands, paws and limbs’ got me thinking about the self-portrait that I did the other day. I’m discovering an irresistable connection here.

Our digital camera is big and heavy, so it was challenging taking a photo with my left hand, a finger over the shutter button while the right hand is ‘drawing’. I really should have set up a tripod. But, ta da – here it is – the artist’s hand at work!

LATER: Maria, who is Valokuvatorstai’s co-author along with Tui, commented below that Valokuvatorstai was modelled on several other similar “inspiration” blogs, but is not associated with Photo Thursday. That was just my translation of the Finnish name for non-Finn readers.

June 17, 2006 in Being an Artist, Blogging by Marja-Leena