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Assemblage III


Silent Messengers: Assemblage III
Collagraph on paper and archival inkjet on mylar layer
Layers attached together at top edge
A unique assembled print
34.5 x 26 cm.

Marja-Leena | 09/04/2007 | 23 comments
themes: Printworks, Silent Messengers


This is the sound I'm making--"ooh", as in "oohs and ahs". This image feels good, optically, I guess. Thanks Marja-Leena! Did you mean to cause endorphins to be released? I'm sure you're after something a little more complex. "Whew"! "Wow"! I did it again--it's like dunking my head in a cold waterfall! I like it so much! Not only am I dunking my head in a waterfall, I AM actually thinking at the same time, having these ocherous glyphic memories, and planning for the what's to come.

I love that blue.

That is very beautiful. I want it, I want it.

yes...I immediately went ohhhh....ahhhh. That is my favorite color blue. I haven't seen blue used that often in "cave art". It seems like it would have been a precious color. This one is my favorite!

Simple wonderful!

Bill - thank you for your effusive and delightful response!

Dave, Anna, Printfreak and Cathy - thanks, all!

This blue is an unusual one in my colour repertoire. I was playing loosely with layers of textured prints under the cave art images, not trying to be true to the cave rock itself. I'm glad it's captured an interesting feeling to which you have all responded to so generously. I've actually done several "blue" pieces, which will be posted in time.

Now this for me is SOMETHING ELSE. I've been looking at this and thinking as well as reacting - and that latter is tremendously positive. I agree completely with all the above comments. What makes it even better for me is that of all the Silent Messengers that I've looked at online this one speaks most to me with a contemporary voice. Beautiful.

I think a certain kind of blue is spatially thrilling. To look at it is to experience a sensation of flight.

You certainly put this blue-power to exemplary use here. The misting, the brightening to white, the diaphony, the confusion of shallow impressions' crumpled chatoyance. The beyond of the blue is foreground, what must be gone through to get to the earth.

Olga, I'm so pleased that you like this so much - thank you!

Bill, again, thanks for your generous descriptions. I'm awed by your response to this piece.

I have really enjoyed this. I'm afraid I've broken-out in tongues. Thank you for indulging me.

Bill, I've enjoyed it too; anytime! I wish I could speak in tongues.

My reaction to this piece is physical. It's the clunk of a tumbler in a lock. It might be the amorphous energy of the blue as it resolves into the solidity of the sienna bodies of the glyphs. It explodes, sustains, resolves; then explodes again. The dunn background strikes a triad with the blue and the sienna. It is a tympanum against which they figure themselves by mass and velocity, and its hollow thrums with shifting skies and thud of human feet.


Bill - this is almost poetry, almost 'ekphrasis', which means 'poetry in dialogue with visual art,' the current theme over at qarrtsiluni! (Hint, hint...)

Wow! I feel as if I'm being asked out!

I'm just going to savour this a while.

aaahhhhh huuuuuuu you have done it again!
your piece/peace/!!excitement? called me today to silent messengers the intense blue red gold energy with those shapes stimulates past/present/future into one. streaking/striking images that hearken back to the salmon man energy....and all this on the tail of easter oester vimy grave weekend thank you for the beauty you give to all that Linda (North Van)

Linda! How wonderful to hear from you - it's been a while! Thanks for your expressions of excitement and connections in response to my work - very much appreciated!

Marja-Leena, I hope you do post Assemblage III at the Exphrasis gallery, if there is still time. I'd love to read something inspired by it, not that I haven't just. Who's salmon man?

Bill - When I mentioned Ekphrasis, I was suggesting you might want to make your wonderful prose into a poem and submit it. If you do, I would submit the image at the same time to go along with it. It doesn't have to be there already, as poets may choose an image by any artist. How about it? (Deadline is April 15th, I think. Check the site for more info.)

About the salmon man - see this older post, especially the very last comment.

Oh, how beautiful! Blue is my favorite color, so it popped out at me right away. It still looks like a natural color - the red, too. Like natural dyes.

Leslee, glad you like this! Interesting that you should think of natural dyes... Watch for more of these 'blue' pieces coming up.

There's more? I can't wait. This is gorgeous.

MB, glad you like this, thanks!