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Silent Messengers: Assemblage X
Collagraph on paper and archival inkjet on mylar layers
Layers attached together at top edge
A unique assembled print
28.5 x 35 cm.

Marja-Leena | 27/06/2007 | 13 comments
themes: Printworks, Silent Messengers


Ooh I love this. The image being so small I can't quite work out the ins and outs of it, but I'm enjoying a sense of mystery and that lovely blue again, and a sense of light and shadows.

Love this whole series with blue paint. This one reminds of fish fossils and the patterns left by a tide on sand.

Thank you Tall Girl and Leslee! This is the last one of this series. I'm quite excited by them and am thinking of doing another similar body of small works.

Looks like roots of things, or rivers from high up in the air. That blue is heavenly.

Thanks Lucy - I like what you see - as I do the others, too, of course. I think they are all part of it, of the feeling...

How beautiful! I love the incised blue and the fossil carving look of it.

Loretta - glad you like it! Thanks for dropping by.

Lovely, lovely lapis blue.

Anna - you are another lover of blue, I see. As I've mentioned before, it's not often I work much with this colour. But it seems to be right for this work, eh.

This has a real sense of mystery. It demands to be touched; and that's in the image. I'm sure in real life, it is even more tactile.

Marion, thank you for visiting and commenting! I do love textures and many printmaking techniques allow for that, like this collagraph.

The image definitely has a 3-D sculptural quality to it! Glad you are working on new ideas!

I am a frustrated artist right now myself. We've been busy getting a rental property cleaned out and ready for the new tenants - who moved in over the past weekend. Whew! Now I'm ready for a vacation...

Hi Jackie, great to hear from you! Busy always, aren't you! Hope you'll find time for your art again soon. "Housework" is always time consuming, I know, and we do a lot of those extra maintenance jobs over the summer.

So, no, I didn't do this recently. This little series was actually done last fall. I took it out this spring for another look, liked it and finally titled and documented it.