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When our granddaughter Lael recently celebrated her 7th birthday, we gave her tickets to go with us to the symphony. Because Lael is taking violin lessons, we chose a Russian Classics concert by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the very talented 19 year old Vancouver born violinist Caitlin Tully.

It was the first time for us to take her out like this and we were all pretty excited as we headed over to the beautiful old Orpheum Theatre on Saturday evening. We were a little concerned about the late night, way past Lael's bedtime! But she was attentive and interested, fortified with a few illicit snacks and cuddles on grandfather's lap. When Caitlin Tully began to perform, Lael sat tall, watched and listened enthralled.

At intermission, we asked if she was tired and wanting to go home. But when she heard that the Cinderella Suite (by Prokofiev) would be played, though at the very end, she was eager to stay. Lael listened and watched intently right up to about five minutes before the end, fell asleep, woke to clap and fell sleep again. When time to leave, she woke up happily, skipping as we headed back to our car, to drive her home.

Such a lovely evening of wonderful music for all of us, a delight for us to see it all through her young eyes! I think this is the start of a few more dates with our granddaughter.


Marja-Leena | 14/11/2007 | 12 comments
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I loved that stage with my two god-daughters, and with the daughter of a friend - opening doors so that they can look in. Such experiences made a great impact on my own life, and I think it is incumbent on us to pass on the opportunities - as well as it being great fun!

Watching musically gifted - or any other - children enraptured by music is one of the most delightful experiences; I remember being taken to the Albert Hall in London at about 10, the programme was designed for children but not patronisingly so, no Peter and the Wolf or Tubby the Tuba, but instead Vaughan Williams Tallis theme and Borodin's Polovtsian Dances - sheer magic, and the late night all full of music was so exciting! Another time watching a little lad of about 7 or 8 in an old old church near here with pews like planks, sitting bolt upright completely absorbed in a programme of really early music... and others. It's wonderful, well done you for taking her. And what a little charmer she is too!

What a pretty girl your granddaughter Lael is! You must be very happy to have her, a proud grandmother.

A magic time of discovery for her and for you. Both of you are very lucky to be part of such a caring and personable family.

Thanks everyone, for the lovely words. Yes, we're proud and very lucky to have two sweet granddaughters. Lael's younger sister will be two on Friday, a little young for adult concerts but her turn will come. Both are very musical.

A fairy story in it self!

Joe, indeed, as the whole setting and the music transported us to fairyland!

Oh, what a wonderful account of a special evening! I'm sure Lael will always remember it too. She's lucky to have you!

Oh thank you, Beth!

Wonderful grandparents, lucky girl! She's very pretty.

Amy, thanks for the compliments and for the visit!