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August 12th


Today I'm struggling to write about an artist exhibition I saw in London three months ago - oh, that long ago, no wonder! My mind wanders about as I read about the artist and visit some blogs. This one about the dead walking and talking must have triggered a thought and a reminder, maybe even an answer to my current restlessness, that today is a special day for me. It's also timed with the Perseids meteor showers last night though I was not lucky to see anything at bedtime, probably because there were too many lights around. All these vague feelings make me want to repost part of something that I wrote two years ago:

I have more than one good wish and remembrance on this auspicious day:

Happy anniversary to our daughter E and son-in-law J

Remembering both their late grandfathers' birthdays that serendipitiously fell on the same day

Happy Birthday to nephew N, living and working in faraway South Korea

Remembering the serendipity of my father's name and birthday month

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Thank you for the introduction to porous borders - I just love that post!

I'm reading a novel that touches on some of the things you write about. At first I did not like the heroine, who seemed all too precious to me and something of a drama queen while seeming detached (an odd combination), but I'm warming up to her. She's an architect with an interesting spatial problem to solve, a grief to get over, and a wavering sense of identity. I'll write a review when I'm done with the book but don't want to state the title now.

Olga, I think you may enjoy much of 'porous borders'.

Hattie, that book sounds interesting and I look forward to your review.

Good to read this, Marja-Leena. I was restless 2 days ago ~ a special day for me. Those Leo-men are good guys!

rouchswalwe, you too?! Yes, the Leo men I know are good. Looks like more busy days ahead, eldest daughter is coming to town to visit, especially to see sister and nieces who are here from England.