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Mesmerized by the sound of rain,
by the sight of patterns of raindrops and wood grain,
by bright reflections of grey sky and dark railings on wet,
painting another pattern...

Marja-Leena | 21/10/2011 | 19 comments
themes: Photoworks, Textures


I adore these, you probably won't be surprised to learn. The photos in your previous two posts are gorgeous too.

Jean, thank you! I thought of you and your love of reflections so evident in your own photography.

Rain on wood, cool damp air. Makes me miss Boston (even more.)

Zhoen, are you from the Boston area originally? Though I grew up in dry/hot or cold/snowy Winnipeg, I love the mild rainforest clime here, even if I sometimes complain of too much rain.

Glad you are enjoying the rain. I had soo much of it since the end of August, (about a foot of it) I'm sick of it! Bring me some snow.

Cathy, I know what you mean for we've had a lot too with a short summer and early rainy season. Just trying to see the beauty in it. We may be turning moss green but at least we don't have to shovel it. Leave that for later, please.

Rain always seems especially luscious on wood.

I love the macro leaves too.

the shades are amazing, i hadn't looked at them that way before x

Lucy, that is true, for the water seems to bring out the wood grain.

Elisa, amazing what rainwater will do.

Beautiful photos of the rain on wood. I get mesmerized by the reflections in the sheen of glassy water over wood too. Have snapped many a photo on our rain-soaked deck.

Maria, you too. It really is lovely to see, isn't it?

Luscious reflections and marvelous shades of green.

Susan, it really is amazing what colours appear in the reflections, on otherwise grey-brown boards.

Rain must regenerate wood, floor, everything.

Hi Anil, 'regenerate' sounds like an interesting way of looking at it.

So different from the dry patterns, aren't they?Like the colors in these, and the brightened design.

Marly, everything looks different in the rain, and can vary with the kind of light. The reflections can be so amazing.

If you had been here last night, you could have taken lovely snow pictures. Alas.

Marly, snow already?! Alas, even if it makes for pretty pictures.