away and back


We’ve been away for a few days’ trip to the beautiful Saanich and Victoria areas of Vancouver Island, visiting friends and family. Most important for us was to spend some time with my elderly uncle and aunt. Because of his Alzheimer’s, they recently had to move out of their own home into a seniors’ residence. It’s been nine months since we’ve seen them, so it was painful to notice the changes and how my aunt was missing her home, sigh. But I think they were cheered by our visit and all the family photos we showed them. We said to ourselves that we must go and see them more often.


As always, we had a great visit with our dearest friends who are now in the midst of a major renovation on their old waterfront cottage. We compared notes with our own experiences over 20 years ago and shared much advice and laughter! And of course, we always enjoy staying with my energetic and fascinating sister-in-law. We had many wonderful meals in and out.

The greater predominance of decidious trees and the drier climate on the Island meant that the fall colours are beautiful there now, more noticeable than around our home. The weather was mixed, mostly cloudy with some rain, but one night saw fierce wind and rain storms here and there. Today, the sun was out more.


While waiting in the ferry lineup to head back home, we went for a walk and to our surprise found a very charming stone faced pub, rather like a hobbit house tucked in the forest. We enjoyed a nice lunch there, much better than what’s available on the ferry. We love being on boats and it was most pleasant as we were able to sit on the deck for awhile and drink in the sea, sky, islands and watch other ferries going by. (The photo below shows the smaller Gulf Island ferries).


All’s well at home. We heard that here in Vancouver, there was more rain in one day than there’d been in any day the past 11 months. The only damage that I noticed was that one of my clematis plants on a fan trellis was knocked down by the wind. And Whistler had its first snowfall of the season – winter is coming early! Good be to home again, catch up with emails and a few blogs….and to sleep in our own bed.

October 1, 2007 in Canada and BC, Home by Marja-Leena