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Today I’m baking stollen with marzipan filling, a German Christmas bread that is one of our very favourites. Because of food sensitivities to wheat and dairy in two daughters and yours truly, I’m also experimenting with a small batch using spelt flour, goat milk and xylitol sugar. So far it seems very slow to rise because the flour is heavy, like coarse whole wheat…so wish me luck! In between watching the dough rise, then baking the many loaves, I’ve been dropping by here to visit some blogs and prepare a post I’ve been wanting to do for a few days.

Anita Konkka, a Finnish author of many books, posted a meme that she picked up, “What is in front of you?” It’s now circulating many other Finnish blogs. I don’t often do memes but this one seemed to draw me in. Here’s a translation:

DIRECTIONS: 1. Post a photo of, or describe, a picture, painting or scene that is in front of your eyes (behind your monitor), that you automatically and naturally gaze at everyday when pausing in your writing while trying to think of a word, or simply when you get lost in your daydreams. 2. Invite your friends to do the same and link.
GOAL: This may be utopian, but in spirit let’s start a web chain gallery.

So today, when for a little while the day seemed brighter (we are back to warm rainy westcoast weather!) I took a few photos. Here is my view on my right, next to my computer (you can see a sliver of the monitor). I sit facing a corner with small shelves of attractive objects made by my youngest when a child, and on the left wall is one of my prints. But my eyes always go to the window, looking out onto the backyard with its tall trees, the changing sky, and many birds and squirrels. This month, our bare magnolia tree out there is lit with clear minilights, another focus for my wandering and dreaming gaze in the night darkness beyond the window. (And it’s good for the eyes to let them look into the distance often as a break from staring at the monitor!)

What do YOU gaze on? Have a look at some other views at Mayday 34°35’S 150°36’E*, Blogisisko*
and ikkunaiines*.

Finally, on a Christmas theme again, check out some neat links in my post of one year ago. (Oh sorry, a couple of them have expired, sigh!)

UPDATE Dec.21st: I should have mentioned that the meme began at Kirogurun kurakori*. See comments below for more links.

Only yesterday I started reading Threading Thoughts written by a fabric artist in the UK and she’s now picked up the meme too, with a lovely description of what she sees beyond her monitor. Hooray, it’s going around the world!

* expired links removed

December 20, 2005 in Being an Artist, Blogging by Marja-Leena