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Last night we enjoyed the first free downloads of Beethoven's music from BBC Radio, thanks to mirabilis. The BBC is broadcasting all of Beethoven's works this week, and some available to download free the day after. I think only the symphonies are available, but I do wish my favourite piano sonatas would be as well. If you like Beethoven as much as we do, check it out!

We actually have a treasured record collection of all of Beethoven's works, the Beethoven Bicentennial Collection by Deutsche Grammophon that was made on his 200th anniversary, rarely played now. We just haven't gotten around to going through the rigamarole of digitizing these, so these free downloads are a treat. I played these through iTunes on my Mac, with the Visualizer turned on (when not composing or reading blogs). I love the Visualizer with its ever shifting colours and designs in constant motion to the music - very trance inducing! There is something about letting the eyes have a place to focus while listening.

Once we've got all these downloads together from BBC, they'll go on our iPod which we usually keep on our bedside connected to inMotion speakers (which are much better than the speakers on this Mac). These come with us when we travel so we can play our favourite music in the car and in our rooms. I don't mean to be advertising, but these have really increased our music-listening pleasure when away from the CD player in the living room.

Speaking of classical music, Chandrasutra has started a series Adventures in classical music, with the first part on Schubert. If Beethoven comes up, this could be my personal contribution. In my piano-lesson days Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata was my absolute favourite. I think I might still be able to play it though pretty rustily in that fast part!

Marja-Leena | 08/06/2005 | 4 comments
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I'm impressed you could ever play it, M-L! It's great to see other people coming out of the closet about their love for classical music. I didn't know about the Beethoven series and will check it right out.

Have you been listening to Angela Hewitt playing tonight? It's been GREAT!

Isn't it a marvellous musical undertaking - good old BBC -I have been doing primitive recordings with TAPE. My Lord. Must get this iPod thing sorted.

Is there no end to your talents?

I bought the major Beethoven symphonies as a teenager, conducted by....Toscanini...if you have ever heard these you'll understand why I always think other versions are too slow! Habit.

Beth, I've been too busy to llisten to the programs and could not find Angela Hewitt later, too bad.

Anna, I was never a good pianist and have lapsed for a very long time, though our piano sits there sulkily. Our daughters all took lessons too and gave it up in adulthood, except the youngest at home who plays occasionally.