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Marja-Leena | 27/01/2009 | 9 comments
themes: Found Objects, Photoworks


I remember last time that you posted a photograph of something broken, and thinking what a good way to compensate for the loss of a valued object! In this case too, you have produced enduring images from something which hasn't endured.

Didn't you break something else quite recently and then turn the result into photographic art? Is this trend towards destructionism self-conscious? If so, restrict yourself to the crockery cupboard and stay away from hi-fi.

A gasp from my grasp
tear from the past
a break in the smooth fabric of everyday.

Fold the memory
and look forward
to unexpected delights to come.

It's wonderful when something positive can be made from a sad accident.

What wonder you bring from a broken object. Makes me think how one can react to broken promises, dreams, lives. Thank you for such thought provoking work!

Joe, thanks! If this happens any more, it will become a series!

Barrett, what a wit you are! Did you check my links lower down? Two of them are of things I broke accidentally. This one happened on its own though still partly my fault. Here's the story:

During the winter we keep a large plastic bin in the cool solarium for extra food and produce that won't fit in the refrigerator. One day I placed this large bowl full of oranges on top of the lid, the bin was empty inside. Next day, I found the bowl and oranges had fallen inside, the bowl shattered. It seems that the lid was not secured tight and the weight made it collapse inward. I was upset for it was our favourite salad and fruit bowl, used almost daily and made by a potter on Hornby Island. I love the spilled-paint pattern on it.

Olga, thanks for the wonderful poem. I may take more photos of this using the new tripod I got for Christmas! So yes, a good thing can come of out of bad.

Joan, thank you! I love the metaphor.

Oh, sad to break such lovely pottery. I've "saved" some with crazy glue, but then it can only be used for display or maybe whole fruit. More often, pottery shards have gone into pots with dirt for new or transplanted plants, for drainage. Sigh.

Leslee, we've done the same. I'm not sure if this would come together for some of the pieces are tiny. I should take up mosaic tiling.

The fragments look japanesy ... I managed to get all of my pottery back from Japan when I came home. And then the first morning at breakfast, I broke my favorite cup ... should have taken some photos!

rouchswalwe, I see what you mean about japanesy. How sad that after all that, your cup broke. Next time, photos! Japanese pottery is beautiful, like all their crafts.