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I slept deeply after the 'night scribblings' and woke up late and refreshed. The creative binge of ideas and energy continued all weekend. I wonder what I ate or drank or what phase of moon affected me so strongly - I love it!

Saturday was a calm, dry but chilly day here, a pause in the waves of November storms we endure most years, so I felt motivated to get outside and finish planting the last of my spring-flowering bulbs into a bed full of still lush but fading pelargoniums that I always wait as long as I can to toss out (after taking many cuttings earlier this fall). I then repotted my collection of amaryllis bulbs, ever hopeful that some of them will bloom again this winter. Next came the paperwhite narcissi that I planted in various containers and placed into the cool bright solarium to slowly grow and then bloom hopefully just in time to bring inside for the holiday season. Then raking and more raking of heavy wet leaves...

Sunday was stormy again with heavy winds and rain, so dark as to need lights indoors, a good day to work in the studio and at this desk. I was bursting with ideas as I worked on plans for three projects:

1) the next Arkeo piece inspired further by those nocturnal 'scribblings'. I haven't even editioned the last group of seven pieces that I've just finished proofing. It's been a productive fall...

2) several Christmas card design ideas, finally settling on one to test print later this week

3) after some ambivalence, suddenly bursting with ideas for a proposal I may submit for a conference next spring - a new experience for me that I don't want to reveal too much of as yet until I know if it happens - except to say that I'm thinking of including some kind of audiovisual presentation but I have to learn how to do this. I really don't need more work and may need help doing this! Who could help? Will there be enough time? Still more questions than answers...

All these ideas bouncing around my head all day and scribbled on notes all over my desk meant that I had to force myself to wind down in the evening. We decided to watch a recorded segment of an archaeology series that's been running on PBS TV networks... but that's a whole other topic for another day that I really want to share!

Marja-Leena | 16/11/2009 | 8 comments
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Very exciting, Marja-Leena! I hope this creative wave is a good long one to surf, and one of many.

So much to do, so little time :-)

Leslee, thanks, I hope so too!

Susan, sure feels like that sometimes, especially this time of year.

That sounds very good, Marja-Leena!

Busy busy busy...

Lucy, oh yes, when it rains it pours, sigh. But better than a drought, eh?

The photo above and the photos from the Notre Dame seem related somehow.

Hattie, oui, they do, must be the colours of the stone and that repeated pattern of round shapes. I remember your photos of your recent visit to Notre Dame.