Burtynsky interview

People who are engaged in art are engaged in a process of thinking beyond the present moment, looking both forward and backward, reflecting on how the human story plays itself out. In a way, art is a research and development department. It shows us new places we can go in terms of thought; it makes us reflect upon our actions, our ethics; it questions our definitions of good and evil.

I believe that culture is key to a healthy society. So many people are caught so entirely in the process of working and making a living that society needs somebody to put a mirror up, to open up our consciousness to the things that are out of sight, out of mind.

Read this excellent interview of Edward Burtynsky in Framing Global Capitalism, by Christopher Grabowski for The Tyee. You will enjoy the photo gallery.

Long time readers may recall that I’ve written about this acclaimed Canadian artist and photographer several times, most recently when he had an exhibition in Vancouver.

January 19, 2007 in Other artists, Photography by Marja-Leena