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art found in the kitchen...

Marja-Leena | 10/02/2009 | 15 comments
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Smashing shots! And very fun for me as I just whipped up a big pot of red cabbage this past weekend.

Oh, gorgeous, and a wonderful idea for colorways for yarn...

These are the colors I associate with Vancouver.

Rouchswalwe, thanks. I was getting ready to make a pot of red cabbage when these outer leaves caught my attention!

Pica, these colours would be lovely to work with and lovely to wear!

Hattie, really? I always think of Vancouver in greens and blues.

It is indeed the time for red cabbage! I was cooking mine with cranberries. These photos look like folded fabric - something suitable for costumes for Aida perhaps.

Such gorgeous colors!! And delicious too!

Wow. it looks like bits of a silk scarf.

Olga, cranberries sound interesting, I use apples. I thought these look like hand painted silk, which would indeed make great costumes.

Joan, edible art, isn't it?

Leslee, my thoughts exactly.

Very subjective, of course, but artists there seem to use those colors a lot and metallic colors.

If you can't eat 'em (and I would be inclined to discard some of these)... etc. I take it these have been scanned

Hattie, oh, I see what you mean!

Barrett, after our discussion on scanning a few months ago, you can spot my scans now, I have no secrets! Of course these outer leaves then went to feed the worms in the compost.

beautiful colours......'royal' cabbage.

hhb, every time I have red cabbage, I'm now going to think of it as 'royal', thanks to you!

Wow! To think of all the purple cabbages that have passed through my life unnoticed. Thank you for helping me to SEE.

Patry, thank you, wonderful to have you visit! I don't usually see the red cabbage leaves this colour but I had someone pass them on to me and they were a little 'past' on the outside but still great inside.