Canada in Copenhagen

Taking a break now and then from posting pretty frost pictures and writing Christmas letters, I’ve been checking into reality: the news on the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Others have been far more eloquent than I could ever be, so here are the most powerful links I’ve viewed most recently about the shame and about the anger against Harper that many Canadians feel:

1. Just before the conference, George Monbiot wrote: ‘The real villain is Canada’. Or just view this video.

2. Why am I not at all surprised that Canada takes Fossil “award” on first day?

3. This is a great editorial run by 56 newspapers around the world.

4. Today my Finnish-Canadian blog friend has posted this: Canada, history is calling.

5. And the best, I think, by my “neighbour” on Bowen Island: A call to ignore our prime minister in Copenhagen “for he does not speak for most of us”. Reading this one most inspired this post, thanks Chris!

December 8, 2009 in Canada and BC, Current Events, Environment by Marja-Leena