care of seniors and prisoners

Let us put our old folks in prisons and the criminals in old folks’ homes! This way the elders get daily showers, exercise and fresh air. No one can steal from them… and they receive money instead of having to pay for everything. The criminals get cold food and have to stay in their rooms all by themselves. No money is given them, the lights go out at 20.00… and showers only once a week. Copy this and watch how far this travels.

A bit of humour with some truth, the best kind! Originally written in Finnish on one Facebook page, the above is my rough translation. I found this gem at hanhensulka, a Finnish-Australian’s blog. He thinks that the author’s excellent suggestion shows the makings of a future social security minister or interior minister in parliament.

Food for thought…. We should send this to Harper who plans to spend billions on new prisons when our crime rate has been dropping and also wants to privatize and destroy our health care.

August 20, 2011 in Current Events by Marja-Leena