Christmas Day walk






I’ve been absorbed with some intense work on a project this week which I completed yesterday. As I now catch up posting holiday photos, I also look back to those relaxing days of our recent Christmas trip and the wonderful walks in the hills around daughter’s home. Aren’t photos a wonderful way to remember the peace and beauty of nature and good times with family?

It’s now Twelfth Day. Odd that it’s not mentioned much here in Canada, yet it’s a public holiday in some countries like Finland. Looking back on past twelth day posts, I see that in 2009 we had a deluge, as we’ve been having here after almost a week of sunny frosty days. Tonight we will take down our tree as is our tradition, except when we had visitors one year. To me, it’s always sad to put away the extra light and colour at this dark time of year, so for a bit longer we do leave the front door wreath up and the little white lights on the Japanese maple that brightens the way up our front steps. Plus all the red candles here and there…

January 6, 2011 in Canada and BC, Culture, Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena