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While hunting for a certain image in my older digital photo albums, I came upon these in a folder called 'patterns' which I don't think I've posted before. They mirror my current feeling of going around in circles, repeating myself without resolution.

Marja-Leena | 17/03/2010 | 13 comments
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Sure you're not taking the scenic route instead?

As my art work I have considered circles as thoughts, life and world. Going round and round.. Circle is simple and difficult at the same time

I do like the new font and larger images, it'll take a bit of getting used to because your blog has been very much the same all the time I've known it, except for the banner and a few organisational details, but it gives a lovely balanced look. And bigger images are great, aren't they? I'm not sure how many people do click on images very often anyway, I'd rather just let them have them big. You'll be looking out lots more to play with, I reckon!

These circles are good, I like found patternings like that.

Cathy - Ha, you made me laugh! I do get distracted by the scenery a lot.

Leena -Yes, there are so many symbols to circles, and universal too!

Lucy, it is certainly taking me time to get used to the change after six years. I've always had a lot of white space on the right that sometimes still bothers me as well. You changed yours not long ago and the larger images look so stunning.

I hear hollow, ringing footfalls in that second photo. I'm feeling a bit recursive myself, these days.

Hattie, you'd be hearing children's feet in both these photos.

Sorry that's how you're feeling, but these I find strangely satisfying. Reassuring repetition, and the ever-fascinating 'looking through'...

I would love this to be a bench. There's so much to be seen through the opening when lolling on it on a day out in the garden.

One of the interesting things about the circles is that some seem to filled in, others to be open - a sort of binary code. It's as though they are searching for significance. You should be pleased with these photographs.

Fire Bird, glad you like!

Anil, yes, the material would make great benches, though a bit cold in our climate being steel.

Joe, I think that's what attracted me back to these images, but I didn't think of 'binary code' - great comment, thanks!

what's really fun is the 2nd image when you use your scroll button and roll it up and down rapidly. The circles pulsate in a very psychedelic way!

When I look at the first image I can't seem to break away from seeing diamonds set in steel. Then again, I often prefer my first impressions to reality :-)

We may find ourselves going around in seeming circles but in truth we're executing spirals as we dance through the universe.

Taina, I tried that, thanks for the tip - and it gave me a headache :-)

Susan, those pebbles might be diamonds in disguise for little Hansels and Gretels to find! I love the image of the spiral dance through the universe, thanks.