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Up close to a few of the flowers in the garden, indoors and out

Marja-Leena | 25/07/2012 | 12 comments
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What an exquisite collection of blossoms. You captured the essence of flowers so well I can almost feel the sunshine on my petals too. For the cost of just a little attention they bring so much beauty into our lives.

Beautiful pictures, above and below!


Fine photos for the middle of the summer. I gather it is now. From the pics I think maybe you've gotten on the better side of cool summer by now.

My husband, son and his daughter are back home again, and they did need sweaters and all when they went hiking on the Coast range mountains yet in the beginning of July. The 8-yr old girl was flabbergasted by the huge trees, but walked as well as adults did.

Just recently I got some pics from our friend from alpine meadow colors.

I don't have a camera that would take such close-ups, but so I am found in the courtyard and on my shore bike trips gazing as close as possible into the flowers.

Soon the rasberries should be ripe.

I've never seen an orchid like that white one. It is a beauty.

Oh, those are delicious--and you could just as well have called this post "texture." Interesting that you love the "frail duration of a flower" as much as the ancient, the decaying...

Wow, what gorgeous photographs! It's fascinating to see the similarities between all of these recent posts - the way your interest and love of texture comes across in such different subjects, and different scales. I rally like the rusty can images too, and your experiments make me think more deeply about aspects of my own work. Thank you!

I keep telling Jerry that I want a macro lens. What great pics.

These are so gorgeous! I love how in macro the flower bits sometimes look like tiny aliens.Such an amazingly creative planet we live on with its myriad of beautiful lifeforms and objects.