I have often mentioned that finding connections and being inspired by them is very much a part of the way I think and find ideas for my art work. One of my print series is even called Nexus, which mean connections. Blogging for me is about connections too, about inspirations given and received in this wonderful moving web that covers the world.

These thoughts have re-emerged to the front right now as I’ve been honoured and very awed by several blog-friends who’ve found connections and inspirations from a couple of my recent posts.

Dave wrote a fabulous poem.

Mouse in France wrote some great prose, both inspired by my post about hands in cave art.

Olga wrote both prose and a great poem about her thoughts on connections, inspired in part by an art piece of mine.

Venus de Willendorf was the subject of one interesting blogpost by Finnish blogger “hanhensulka”, living in Brussels, and he responded to my comment with a post linking to my Venus works, and the hands post as well!

Thank you, friends, for this wonderful web of inspiring connections!

On the home front, we have been having a week of mostly sunny weather and spring is definitely here at last. I’ve been busy preparing for friends arriving this afternoon for a short stay this weekend (connections of another kind!). Dessert just came out of the oven, husband is out picking up a fresh salmon for the barbeque, and I’m having a short break catching up a little with blog reading and writing. Have a great weekend, everyone!
Addendum: April 2nd. Though I don’t take horoscopes seriously, I could not resist a chuckle over today’s very weird one for this Aquarius, in our local newspaper:

“You’re making a connection, a link between your small mind and your higher mind. You may feel like an alien in a bubble, but you’re no stranger to being strange. Stay in touch with your earthly relations.”

March 31, 2007 in Being an Artist, Blogging by Marja-Leena