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These are now getting flattened by heavy rains, so I'm glad I picked a few of these on Friday to scan.

Marja-Leena | 16/03/2009 | 14 comments
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gorgeous!!! So is spring!!

This series of spring flowers is just gorgeous. I particularly love the purple and yellow of these crocus petals.

nice colours

Lovely! Such sharp, crisp images, too. It reminds me that last night I dreamed I was looking at *very* expensive cameras!

The one on the far right seems to be patting the others and urging them to bloom ... it's a very lively shot, I find.

Leslee, glad you like! Hope your dream comes true, mine is to get a macro lens, though sometimes scanning works pretty well.

Rouchswalwe, a happy arrangement then... I was trying to expose the stamens and pollen.

And a belated Hauska St. Urho's Day to you, M-L! Sorry, had a busy Saturday--it was my birthday, and well, on Sunday I slept! :)

Lovely work. Looks almost three-dimensional; so much so that I wanted to pick up the yellow one to sniff its fragrance.

Peter, thank you! And belated happy birthday wishes!

Martha, welcome and thanks, glad you enjoyed!

The scans work so well with flowers. Like with you, our snowdrops have lasted an unusually long time. Scanning them and the helebores shows the normally unseen beauties of their faces. I love the veins both in colour and texture of the crocuses.

It is sad that rain is flattening your lovelies. We are most fortunate this week in having sunshine - so warm in the greenhouse as I deal with seedlings that I'm even going tightless today!

Olga, I wish I had a warm place to repot. My table is outside and even when we've had dry sunny weather like last week, it's been too cold. A strange winter/spring...

Gorgeous! When I was tiny, my mum was quite easy about my picking flowers in the garden, but I could never resist the crocuses. I still remember her wincing and 'please, not the crocuses!' But it was obvioulsy a good idea to pick these.

The hellebore is terrific too.

Lucy, I too would wince whenever my little daughters and their friends would go around the garden and 'harvest' the flowers to use in their imaginary plays, while I encouraged them without much success to instead pick the weed flowers and flowers that grew like weeds.