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What a busy week with appointments and intense work in the studio including one rough day when things were not working for me.

Aah, Saturday morning. Sleeping in a little. Dawdling over breakfast. Time to smell the roses or play with the camera again. A handy subject in the kitchen for deep study.

Marja-Leena | 27/03/2010 | 10 comments
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Hieno tutkielma, ja mitkä sävyt! Makrokuvauksen maailma on ihmeellinen.

Has anyone told you lately, Marja-Leena, how cool you are?

Taina, kiitos! Niin, makrokuvaus on ihana tapa nähdä mailma lähemmin. Ja sinäkin teet samoin, oikean kauniita kuvia blogissasi!

R, oh, you mean 'cool as a cucumber'? :-) But this is a squash of the winter variety.

Isn't it amazing how the nearer we get to something the more complex and miraculous it becomes? I love those shots and I hope you enjoy a relaxing Sunday too.

It's a squash?
It looks like something in the process of fossilisation

Susan, yes, that's what excites me, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary!

Mouse, not quite fossilized but starting to weep in a couple of bruises though you would not see it that well with the unassisted eye. Really must cook it up today though :-)

Fascinating, I couldn't see how the pictures fit the title until I got to the fourth one.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Lucy, isn't it amazing that if you just look at one spot out of context like this, we don't recognize what it is? Dang, I meant to take more photos of the squash when it got cut open in preparation for cooking it for dinner last night, but I forgot!

Thanks, the weekend was good - gardening on Saturday afternoon, cards and candlelight Saturday evening for Earth Hour, and lazy the rest of it with a relaxing 'light' book for a change.

If one were the size of an ant I suppose a squash would be quite scary looking. These pictures are fascinating but make me a bit uneasy.

Anne, would it be the odd lumps in the stalk, or just the sense of impending rot that you find disturbing? I think I'm just attracted to the patterns and shapes that I discover through another lens not my own!