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This is my monogram in cuneiform the way an ancient Babylonian might have written it. See what yours looks like at Write Like a Babylonian. With my interest in petroglyphs and pictograms, I was fascinated to learn that "Pictograms, or drawings representing actual things, were the basis for cuneiform writing". Cuneiform was written on clay tablets, and then baked hard in a kiln; here's how to make your own, a fun project with the young ones in your life. Interesting historical stuff here too.

One can view many excellent images along with translations of the cuneiform collection of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

UPDATE: Blogisisko (in Finnish) has picked up this story, with another interesting link to a Finnish-Sumerian dictionary. Apparently in the ongoing research to find origins of Finnish language, some possible connections have been found to Sumerian.

Marja-Leena | 30/07/2005 | 3 comments
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For some reason I could not get the picture of my initials properly into my blog. So I had to go on looking for some other nice picture and found this interesting mini dictionary.

My middle name 'anna' seems to mean 'a bunch of dates'. I like it.:)

I really like this! I began college at the University of Pennsylvania and spent a lot of time in the museum, where this Web site originates. (I was majoring in English and anthropology.)

Anna, I wish my name was in that dictionary, and had such a neat meaning!

Amy, It is certainly very intriguing that you've been to THAT museum and attended THAT university! I wish I'd studied anthropology (and/or archaeology) along with art (it wasn't an option back then).