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As I mentioned before, I have been catching up with some printmaking the past two weeks. I completed the two editions as planned, then documented and photographed them. I have yet to process the images and post them here to my gallery, though I've been eager to do so. I've been delinquent in my promises! Blame summer.

Extreme fatigue and laziness set in as the weather got ever hotter, peaking at an oppressively humid and hot 39C (100F) on the weekend, at least in our neighbourhood (it's always cooler at the weather station at the airport, should you be looking!). Heat wimp that I am, I struggled to do basic daily chores, never mind blogging and preparing for visitors!

Our eldest daughter is here for a week's visit. As you may recall, we now have a house full with the other two daughters now living here, one with husband and two little girls. The three sisters are enjoying each other and the nieces are enjoying the extra attention from their game-loving aunts. At the end of the week, we will be joined by my sister-in-law from the US.

So we are overwhelmed by a big family and it's happy noises, activities and appetite, but we're not complaining for it's for such a short while. The daughter with husband and kids will be off to the UK again soon, with trips to the continent revolving around work as well as sightseeing and family visits. We'll miss the little ones in particular, but they will all be back for Christmas at least. If they are back in the UK in the spring, we may even make a trip over there at last!

You may be interested in reading Erika's account of her day's outing with her father to Pemberton's Slow Food Cycle this past Sunday. I'm not a cyclist anymore but would have loved to see those farms in the Pemberton Valley.

Meanwhile this week we are having some cooler temperatures with occasional but much-needed showers, what a relief! Slowly body and brain are feeling a little more human. Maybe I'll get those images up soon.

Marja-Leena | 19/08/2008 | 14 comments
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39 deg, and here we are doing no better than 23 deg, on what we must now consider a warm day!

Joe, that's my favourite summer temperature! It's even cooler now after some very heavy rains but I'm not complaining.

Come to England? w0000t! I'm looking forward to seeing your new work too, but in your own time :-)

rr, yes, yes, I really hope our plans for a trip to the UK will work out!!! It would be so exciting to meet you and a few other blog friends, visit the art museums, and some rock art sites etc. Oh, I know I'd need a year to see it all!

And here there is still too much chill .... You must be very excited about your new work. I'm amazed that you manage to get any blogging done at all, your life sounds quite a whirl for normal temperatures, let alone such excess! I'm looking forward to your images, but am happy to wait. I like your cool pic.

What joy! Thanks for visiting me while I was in the hospital. Your comment meant a lot.

Olga, thanks. But chilly still? Not too nice a summer for you, sorry to hear.

Patry, how wonderful of you to visit while still in hospital, thank you! As always my heartfelt wishes for a speedy healing to you!

Yikes, that's hot. Glad to hear you've had some cooler weather. It's been pretty comfortable here lately, with temperatures in the 50's F at night (last night around 12-14C). Beautiful during the day, although alas during work time. This weekend it's supposed to be warm and humid, but in the 80s (27-30C) not higher. Hope you enjoy the family visit, and get some rest and creativity time soon.

Hm, looks like the comment I left last night didn't post - odd. Maybe I neglected to hit the right buttons at the right time. Anyway, glad to hear you've been able to get back to printmaking, and hope the weather remains more reasonable for living in! Have fun with the family visit, and then rest and creative pursuits...

Hi Leslee, sorry about this! I discovered I'm not getting my emails for this account - very odd and annoying - must get in touch with the server. Thanks, I am enjoying the family. It's rather hectic and the noise of many voices tires me after a while. At least it's not hot. Hopefully the next spell of rains hold off long enough to allow us to have our BBQ and eat outdoors this evening, so much more relaxing with a crowd! Hope your weekend will also be a good one!

Have fun, and chill out when and how you can!

if you get to the UK, try to come here and visit our menhirs!

Lucy, thanks. I'd love to get to France too, never been you see! And you know my love for all that rock art. Would be lovely to meet. I'd need a year.. sigh.

If you do decide on a trip to the UK let us all know in advance. I for one won't make any recommendations but I'll provide a list of ten locations and so-called points-of-interest that you should avoid at all costs.

Barrett, thanks, I will do that!