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This cool find on the beach this morning is making me wonder about the geological journeys it has gone through before arriving on our shores.

Marja-Leena | 07/07/2008 | 12 comments
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Isn't that fantastic? My mom and I had a rock similar to this - I wonder where it went, and I wonder how it came to be.

Beth, you collect rocks too? This has to be the most unusual one I've brought home, actually rather ugly compared to the others, but so unique with that weirdly eroded band of lighter rock, quartz maybe, that look like a row of teeth.

Oh, how wonderful! Does it growl??

That is scary, it's a Velocirathje.


Thanks, Joan, Anna and rr, for the laughs!! I have started calling my rock by the name you gave it, Anna, even though I think velocity or speed hardly applies here :-)

I like Anna's name for it! Does make you wonder what the story is. Is that marble in the middle?

Hi mb! I wish I knew what stone it is; when it's wet it looks like marble or quartz but otherwise very dull. Hey, like bone, I just realized!

Uskomaton kivi!

Blogissani on sinulle tunnustus, linkistä sinne pääsee suoraan :)

Kiitos paljon tunnusteksusta, Tuima!

Somewhat Jurassic - a very striking work of nature which you have a keen eye for capturing during your outings.

HI Roger! Jurassic sounds great! Actually my husband found it while I was lazily sitting on a rock watching our granddaughters play.