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Busy days now. After completing the printing of two editions last week, yesterday I did some more work on the third piece which I plan to edition on Monday. Today I put together a stack of prints for the print sale on Wednesday. Then I started to design my Christmas card, a bit late, but hopefully I can get it ready and printed sometime this coming week as well. Somewhere amidst all this I need to start the letters.

I enjoyed a quick break from my work today to step outside into the garden to have a look at the amazing drops of rain and melted snow (from overnight) beading on the leaves and buds. I had trouble getting them in focus with the macro lens, being too busy to get the tripod, but these two worked well.

Marja-Leena | 28/11/2010 | 8 comments
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We have all stiff water now. Snowed lightly last night. Temperature is now -9, but it is more down in open spaces, this is inside the block.

So I have wool cap and mittens and fur lines shoes.

In one word: it's winter and in all Finland at the same time. Up in Lapland it's been -30 for about two weeks already.

You find beauty everywhere, Marja-Leena. My yard looks very dead. I think I lost a lot of plants in that last cold spell. Next spring will tell.

Oh Marja-Leena, these are so nice.

I like those photos a lot. We went to an art fair on Sunday and I got some pots but no prints or paintings this time.

Ripsa, I love "stiff water", so much more interesting than "ice"! It sure sounds like a real winter now in Finland and Lapland, do stay warm.

Anne, as I recall you have a lot of plants in pots, as do I, and they freeze more easily than those in the ground. The last of the pelargoniums and impatiens perished in the latest cold spell. Everything else seems okay here but yes, time will tell.

R, thank you!

Hattie, thanks, and good to know you are still supporting the arts!

You do find beauty everywhere. I wish I had your energy. It also might be nice if I had access to being able to print my own cards. This year I've had an awful time finding ones I like.

Susan, thanks, but please, I don't have that much energy! I've just had to push myself a bit harder lately with deadlines. I know what you mean about buying cards for I too have a hard time finding what I like. Is there no printshop in town, like Kinko's or Staples? I did print some today at the studio, a very simple and quick design this year to take the pressure off. I used to print them at home with my desktop printer but it's too old now to do a decent job. Good luck with your cards!

Good idea about Kinko's. I will look into that for next time.