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You must have a look at Die Duckomenta, an exhibition of works based on famous art works through the centuries, but with some very humorous adaptations! Perhaps you've already seen it, I've just rediscovered it in my bookmarks and felt like sharing the laughs! Just click on each "raum" (room) to see the works.

I had someone roughly translate the German for some information about the creators. They are a group of five artists who formed InterDuck in 1982, and share interests, in addition to their regular artistic pursuits, in ancient culture and in humour. InterDuck asks the question, which works the most important artists of the past have left for us, would they also have known and loved the comic characters.  The art and the cultural history should probably be rewritten. We take our models seriously, we try to immerse ourselves in their work and thought process.  In our work, we not only approach close to the exterior facade, but also the soul and aura of these models. Since 1984 InterDuck has exhibited its continually growing collection of artworks in art associations and museums both at home and outside the country.  To date, over one million visitors have seen it. It is on exhibit presently at Museum Schloss Hohentübingen, Tubingen, Germany.

Marja-Leena | 14/07/2005 | 3 comments
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Three quacks! That's good! Thanks for sharing.

Hi, thanks for the comment and the visit. I see by your site that you do art camps for children - that's great!

Amy, glad you like it!