BC’s Finnish settlers


Nordic Spirit: Early Finnish Settlements in B.C.
A gallery presentation of over 100 moving historical images depicting the life
and times of the early Finnish settlers on the West Coast
Clinton Hall
Finn Slough
Webster’s Corner
and others

Saturday, March 29, & Sunday March 30, 2008
11 to 4 p.m.
Scandinavian Community Centre
6540 Thomas Street, Burnaby, B.C.
Sponsored by:
Finnish Heritage Society
Scandinavian Cultural Society
Finland House Society

As an immigrant myself, I’m looking forward to seeing this exhibition. (Links are mine, plus I’ve added a couple more below for any interested readers.) I’ve been doing casual study of Finnish emigration over the years. As some readers know, in the 1950’s I came to Winnipeg, Manitoba as a child with my family. Though there were struggles, they were relatively easier times than that experienced by the large numbers of early pioneers from Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

More links:
The Finnish Connection in Gibsons
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Addendum April 14, 2008: Please read about the story of one Finnish family’s experience immigrating and settling here!

(* link has expired)

March 25, 2008 in Canada and BC, Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric, History by Marja-Leena