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A very cold wet spring this year on Canada's west/wet coast, with everything late in the garden. Despite the gloomy weather gods, longer days have brought forth bursts of green buds and colourful flowers. I'm so grateful for the rare sunny days, and especially this morning so I could capture a few flowers from outdoors and indoors to grace a festive Easter page here. And to wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend, or whatever you celebrate or not... with peace and joy. Thanks for your friendship!

Marja-Leena | 06/04/2012 | 13 comments
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Lovely rich colors... No wonder we dye eggs at Easter. A very happy and blessed Easter to you, Marja-Leena! I enjoy having you in my e-life (which, oddly enough, feels real when it comes to e-friends!)

I especially love the first two photos with the out-of-focus red and blue flowers like an abstract, painterly background to the naturalistic image of the daffodils.

Happy Easter weekend!

We are celebrating Terry's 70th tomorrow, and I'm baking stollen from an old country recipe I got from a fellow blogger.
Happy Easter to you and yours!

Marly, thank you, and I feel the same way about e-friends like you - that's what makes blogging such a rich experience! Are your children still enjoying colouring and hunting for Easter eggs? We especially miss the grandchildren at a time like this. I put out collections from the past nowadays.

Jean, glad you like these, and hope your Easter is a happy one too as you adjust to a new lifestyle.

Hattie - please wish Terry a very happy 70th birthday from us both! Stollen is my favourite thing to bake for Christmas but why not for a birthday/Easter too? Yum.

Oh! The beautiful colours of spring flowers! Thank you, Marja-Leena! I wish you a very happy Easter weekend and Festival of Spring and Freedom.

What a splash! Very cheering in a cold time, Happy Easter to you too.

rouchswalwe and Lucy - thank you both. We're so lucky to have brilliant sunshine again today, except for a shower yesterday afternoon to interrupt the gardening, plus a touch of frost overnight. Must go transplant a few tomato seedlings into pots...

Stunning flowers! May they be brightening your Easter and all the Spring days (assuming there will be a proper Spring). It's cold here too after an unexpected surge of summer warmth - can't trust the calendar or weather forecasts anymore.
Much love to you and yours.

Hauskaa pääsiäistä, Marja-Leena!

Will you be looking for chocolate eggs all over in you yard?

Magnificent flowers!

Täällä on takatalvi...

Oh, we will have baskets full of chocolates, and I think we will dye eggs, and maybe even hunt--but it's very busy, and I have to take our daughter back to college on Monday. I imagine there will still be laundry-washing going on tomorrow, alas, as she brought home two of the biggest bags of laundry ever seen!

Natalie, yes, the weather is unpredictable but we must enjoy it when it is nice. Not feeling that Easter-y without the young ones who are over your side of the pond still, of course. Easter bunnies, like santa, prefer little children, did you know? Thanks for the wishes, love and happy Easter to you too!

Ripsa, Hauskaa Pääsiäistä sinullekin! Without the grandkids we don't bother with the easter egg hunt, but I spotted a couple peeking out at me in the house, probably youngest daughter is playing Bunny. Will you be sharing Easter with your grandchildren? I'm sorry to hear winter came back, may spring come quickly!

Marly, your Easter sounds great, like we used to have when all the girls were still at home, or came home. We're just enjoying the lovely sunshine with doors and windows open, doing some gardening, potting up seedlings... Have a wonderful family Easter!

The flowers are all so very beautiful. The crocus are in bloom in these parts now and the first daffodils are making a valiant effort in these unusually cold first days of April. Then again, as a relative newcomer I can't say what's unusual. The one of these I like the best is the glorious Christmas cactus bloom. Some of the bits I carried with me are now nearly eight inches tall and I'm hoping for flowers this year.

Happy, Happy Easter, my friend!

Susan, thank you, and I'm glad to hear you are having some signs of spring in eastern Canada in time for Easter. I'm sure your Christmas cactus will thrive and bloom with your green thumb. This is one of the Thanksgiving types that bloom in the fall and spring. The other bits of red in the first photo are cyclamen, actually sitting inside behind the door.