Edward Burtynsky revisited

Edward Burtynsky: Nickel Tailings No. 32
Sudbury, Ontario 1996

About a year ago I wrote a bit about the achievements of Canadian photo-artist Edward Burtynsky (unfortunately the link to the news article has since expired). This year he has won a TED prize of US$100,000! But, wait, go read his website on where the money is going, and have a look at his beautiful yet disturbing works. He exhibits widely, presently in San Diego and later this year in New York.

I like what Tyler Green has written in an interesting review of his work at Modern Art Notes. I’m fascinated in how Burtynsky’s life experience with the deathly effects of oil has informed the subject matter of his photographic works, and how he is using his success to further the environmental cause. Do visit Tyler’s blog post and the many related links.

More at News Grist and some multimedia at Cybermuse

May 26, 2005 in Other artists, Photography by Marja-Leena