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With low energy and needing to catch up with other things, I want to just quickly share several exciting-to-me links I've been enjoying this week, on the subjects of archaeology, art and story writing:

1. Lascaux's Picassos - What prehistoric art tells us about the evolution of the human brain. A gorgeous slide show and many great links on a favourite subject of mine, and something I've written about a few times before.

2. Cuts that heal: Barbara Hepworth's hospital drawings. I love her sculpture. Now seeing her fantastic drawings in the provided slide show puts her in the class of the Renaissance artists in my book! The second work Concentration of Hands II is my favourite. I had many of the same thoughts as Jonathan Jones mentions in his review (link on the side). How I wish I could go see this exhibition.

3. Margaret Atwood joins the zombie craze:
Just in time for Halloween, Canada's most decorated literary doyenne - Margaret Atwood - has co-written a serialized zombie novel with a promising British author that will be posted chapter by chapter at the Canadian-based story-sharing website Wattpad.

I'm not into zombies but curiousity sent me to check out Wattpad and The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home where the first three parts are up. I read, I laughed, I will be back.

Marja-Leena | 24/10/2012 | 8 comments
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Marja-Leena, I read Jonathan Jones' review this morning, and was delighted to realise that the show will be on when we visit the Hepworth Gallery next month. I have always loved her work, and knew of her drawings. I have only seen one for real, and look forward very much to seeing them as well as the rest of the permanent collection at the gallery.

I hope that your energy levels are soon restored.

Olga, I thought of you when I was writing this and remembered you loved Hepworth. How lucky you are to see her work, I wish I could come with you! I look forward to your always interesting reviews.

Ah Lascaux. One day I must visit, even if I will never see the actual caves...

Mouse, how I'd like to visit it too, or even some of the other ones. Many have replicas for visitors as the actual caves are closed to the public.

The essay about the Lascaux artists was fascinating and I especially like the reading the views about the dots and squiggles. There are some very reasonable arguments that much of the work was done under the influence of psychedelics/trance. I've always thought it strange that the first examples of so much cave art date back to the same period - about 35,000 years ago.

I also really enjoyed the Hepworth OR drawings. The second one with all the interactive energy lines was my favorite.

Susan, I'm glad that you enjoyed the article on cave artists as well as the Hepworth drawings. Wish I could go and see both.

I heard a snippet from a zombie version of 'Pride and Prejudice' on the radio the other day, I must say it did make me laugh.

Thanks for so many well chosen links.

Lucy, a zombie version of 'Pride and Prejudice' must be funny. Glad you enjoyed these.