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I love this: from Latin emergere ‘bring to light’

Marja-Leena | 08/04/2009 | 14 comments
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A magic moment! I brushed my cursor across the top pic accidentally and the phrase rhubarb.jpg "grew" out of the colours. Just as well. As far as I'm concerned, anything that grows is a lobelia.

The buds are like little fists, and the the leaves are wrinkled with concentrated energy.

It's a strangely pleasant experience to experience the emergence without being able to identify the mature form. Life is like that.

BB, that works for you here!? I've done that on other sites but it doesn't work on mine, for me. Anyway, now you've found another way to finding out little secrets.

Joe, yes, and such rich and sensuous colours.

Susan, indeed, the mystery of life. It's no wonder early man worshipped spring. Being close to the land and living off it puts one so much closer to the miracles, to the events that happen without our intervention but can and are destroyed so easily by us.

I've also noted the little buds like baby's fists on the trees and coming up out of the ground. Warm today, but near freezing at night for the next few days. Sigh. Fits and starts.

Leslee, we had several very warm sunny days and it seemed like so much growth bursted forth! Cooler again with rain for the weekend, so fits and starts here too.

The Easter weekend has brought us rain, which will lead to even more emergence at amazing rates. We were wondering at the emergence of gunnera leaves when we visited Wisley gardens on Tuesday. I love noticing which plants are recognisable right from first pokings out and which disguise themselves.

The rhubarb leaves look like tightly ruched taffeta, all crinkly, just waiting for someone to snip one little thread so they can explode open. Gorgeous!


Olga, same here! The magnolia buds are showing white now, the pink camellias are in bloom, the lilacs and spirea are greening, the grass is growing...

Martha, lovely description, thank you!

Marja-leena: so beautiful - especially to know that Spring is there! We had over 8 inches of snow on Easter weekend :} It's now turned to rain, and the snow is melting. All is well - we'll have spring soon!

HI Jackie, oh my, so much snow. I bet you are looking forward to your wonderful white nights! By the way, this rhubarb has doubled in size since then!

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Unelma, kirjoita vapaasti vaan suomeksi, on muutkin tehnyt! Jos se on muille lukijoille tärkeätä niin joskus olen kääntänyt englanniksi omassa kommentissa. Minun suomenkieli on taas huono mutta tykkään harjoitella että ei kokonaan unohtuisi.