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water weathered wood and iron
encrusted rust and fungus
in metamorphosis

Marja-Leena | 03/04/2008 | 12 comments
themes: Photoworks, Textures


Love it, the colors and the textures

What a splendid eye!

I never tire of the mysterious signs and messages which time and weather leave. I see wonderful clouds around the eye-like bolt in the centre.

Lovely photo and words!

Thanks everyone!

Joe, you said it so well for me: 'the mysterious signs and messages which time and weather leave'.

You have a marvelous gift for finding beauty in unexpected places.

Oh Patry, thank you for your generous spirit, and for taking the time to visit here!

Love this one, there's a whole world in there...

Lucy, I'm seeing interesting double meanings in some of these comments, like your 'world', Joe's 'clouds' and Olga's 'eye'...

Oh, I like this poem - very alliterative (and illustrative of the photo, too). Very nice!

Hi herhimnbryn! Hmm, had to look up limpet - a mollusk. Yes, I thought it looked like that in the photo more than in real life.

Leslee, thanks, you have made me feel good as I'm not a poet!