endangered art

There are lots of news breaking stories of new archaeological discoveries around the world, especially in newly “opened” countries like Bulgaria and China, as evidenced on Stone Pages and Zinken for example.

Even in the British Isles, which seem to be one giant archaeological site, finds are still being unearthed. These are always heralded as important treasures to be studied and protected. Then why are we reading about long-existing and well-known sites like Stonehenge and Tara Hill, Ireland being threatened by freeways? Global outrage is mentioned, but it seems to me it isn’t loud enough.

Then there is the wear and tear and vandalism of unprotected sites, like in Africa.

Restoration of the temples in Malta has become a commendable governmental initiative, but why not include those on the island of Gozo?

War-torn nations like Iraq suffer looting of treasures that are turning up in wealthier (and greedy?) Western countries seemingly eager to accept the spoils. I could go on, but I’m getting depressed.

Have a look at Bradshaw Foundation’s gorgeous photos of African art and the temples of Malta, and feel the awe and then the outrage.

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November 13, 2004 in Rock Art & Archaeology by Marja-Leena