English Bay: trees





One lovely and warm spring-like day last week, we went out for a walk in the late afternoon along Vancouver’s famous English Bay at Stanley Park. Camera happy that day, I captured an amazing number of beautiful images (braggart!) from which I have a hard time selecting only a few, so I’ve decided to do a short series here. First are these trees against a constantly changing sky. Enjoy!

Edited later: My English readers, Barrett and Joe, have read my mind (see comments). In searching for a good link on English Bay I was disappointed to not find a word about the name. Vancouver historian Chuck Davis’ ever-growing site did not yield the answer. Finally I found this tidbit at City by Cycle:

English Bay beach, which was termed ‘Ayyulshun’ by the Indians meaning ‘soft under feet,’ was established in 1893 with a few beach shacks built there. The name ‘English Bay’ commemorates the meeting of the British Captain Vancouver and Spanish captains Valdes and Galiano, in 1792. This is the event that also resulted in Spanish Banks’ name.

I wish the city had kept the native name. And now I also know where the name of the southwest shore of English Bay, Spanish Banks, came from. That is the shore you see in the background in these photos.

Addendum: The other photos in this series:
English Bay: beach
English Bay: reflections
English Bay: sky

February 7, 2009 in Canada and BC, Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena