Finnish Rock Paintings

Finnish rock paintings are an unique link to the world of the Stone Age people. The paintings are made 6000- 3000 years ago in vertical rock surfaces. The nearby lake was an important waterway, These pages introduce some of the over 90 rock painting sites in Finland. The photographs are digitally retouched to make the paintings more visible. In nature they are much weaker.

This is the introduction to Ismo Luukkonen’s extensive site of photographs of Finnish rock paintings with accompanying text in both Finnish and English. Ismo Luukkonen is an award winning photographer and teacher with a passionate interest in the ancient marks of Finland’s early people.

Click on the place names in the left navigation area to view the many sites of the paintings. Read about their possible meaning, and how he digitally retouched his photographs to enhance the images, shown with lots of detail! A great site that has captured some of the spiritual feeling of these places!

(Ismo Luukkonen’s site was updated in early 2005, so above links have been adjusted accordingly.)

July 3, 2004 in Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric, Photography, Rock Art & Archaeology by Marja-Leena