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The first sunset of 2011, captured at 4:48 pm. from our back deck. Is this an auspicious sign or what?! Frosty cold clear weather continues....

By the way, since I did not have a chance to mention it earlier, may I point you to the last post of qarrtsiluni's issue The Crowd which features my monotype by that name. Did you see my other one, a drypoint, that was published earlier? It was interesting for me to revisit that older series of prints when the call for entries came. Thanks again to Beth and Dave for choosing them and for their fantastic editorial work on this online magazine. If you don't already know of it, do visit!

Marja-Leena | 01/01/2011 | 7 comments
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Thanks, Marja-Leena!

There are several people who are off and on putting their works, mostly photography on-line. But I think presently, we're lacking in Finland an on-line magazine that would give a larger view on what's happening in the area of visual culture in Finland these days.

Net would be a good place for overview.

I went there and left my spoor.

Ripsa, I do look at a few blogs about Finnish culture but I suppose they aren't quite complete overviews, just as the Canadian ones I look at tend to be more local in focus rather than national.

BB, thanks for commenting over there!

Uskomattoman kaunista, vau mikä taivas :)

Hei Taina! Kiitos käynnistä Suomesta asti! (Muuten täällä käy joskus myös Taina, Thunder Bay, Kanadasta)

I'd seen the dry point previously but not the coloured monotype. Past, present and future archeology seems like a great term for the overview of this work and the paraphernalia of culture we carry.

I hope you're in the process of getting acquainted with the new printer. Has it a name yet?

Susan, glad you like "past, present and future archeology" as I've been struggling with my artist statement, but decided in favour of this phrase! No, I haven't "met" the new printer at the studio yet, maybe next week. I was lucky that my paper came in the nick of time to finish that edition on "Lucy" just before Christmas.