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For Dad

This is a wonderful poem written by my eldest daughter and designed by my youngest for their father on this Father's Day.

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Poem © Anita Rathje
Design © Erika Rathje

Marja-Leena | 20/06/2004 | 3 comments
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This is wonderful. A great collaboration. He must have been delighted. Did you get the Queen for Mother's Day?

We were both delighted and proud.

No, I didn't get the Queen. Apparently this poem came together the night before! Anita wrote me: " I hope you don't feel left out... you're as much a part of those memories as Dad, you know. (Well, maybe not the table saw, but everything else.)"

I did get a gorgeous living wreath of succulents though - most unusual, and they know how plant crazy I am! We are blessed in our three daughters.

I love this! I am showing my daughters right now.