forest in our backyard


About two weeks ago, I made a long overdue first visit with some of my family (who’d been there before) to the very popular, though awkwardly named Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve located in the North Shore mountains behind us, right in Vancouver’s backyard. I don’t know why I’d waited so long. There are numerous trails to explore through these beautiful forests so I look forward to visiting many more times. The only problem was that I spent more time taking photos than walking so I may have to leave the camera home if I want to get a workout.

Anyway, I promised more photos from that first walk, and being on things arboreal, it’s just in time for this month’s Festival of the Trees, being hosted at the beautiful trees, if you please.The deadline for submissions is September 28th, so there’s still time to participate.


One of the things I love about the Pacific Northwest is our forests and the way the tall trees create a magestic canopy overhead. Here and there were orange and rust coloured sculptural forms standing out from the darker green background of cedar and hemlock, often highlit by a perfectly placed beam of sunlight, like a spotlight on the star of the stage. These still brilliant skeletons look like they may be the remains of giants felled by last winter’s huge windstorms. Here was beauty even in the early stages of decay. At the same time we were appreciative that they were still full of life giving nutrients for future trees, birds, bug-eating creatures and the ecology of the forest floor – a circle of life.


September 25, 2007 in Being an Artist, Blogging, Canada and BC, Photography by Marja-Leena