by the Fraser River estuary

Yesterday afternoon was one of sad goodbyes as we saw our daughter and granddaughters to the airport for their flight back home to London. Husband took the afternoon off work too, so we could do a little exploring of another region new to us, as we often do if we’re farther from home with the car.

So, after leaving the airport in Richmond, we headed to that city’s south arm of the great Fraser River and estuary. We parked next to the West Dyke Trail looking over the broad salt marsh. Taking umbrella and camera, we strolled south towards Garry Point Park located next to the old village of Steveston.



The weather was very overcast, drizzly, calm and warm. Have I mentioned that we’ve had the warmest January on record, after one of the coldest a year ago? It was too misty to clearly see the mountains north of Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. Even the photos of the extensive salt marsh along the dyke trail look colourless and lacking detail. However, here are a few of our favourite shots. I love the bullrushes and the dark silhouetted trees while husband captured some of the plentiful bird life in this protected region. A couple of freighters, a few tugboats and fishing boats passed by along the river.



We warmed up even more with delicious spicy Indian food in a modest little place in Steveston before returning home to an oddly quiet house.

January 30, 2010 in Being an Artist, Canada and BC by Marja-Leena