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Friday July 4th


I'm still very busy in the domestic front these days, alternating between gardening outdoors and purging indoors. My studio is looking less like a hurricane hit it, but I can't speak yet for the areas where the returning family has moved in, for it is hard to downsize!

All this work during a heat wave too! This morning we had a light shower but it's still humid and too warm in the house. Taking a break from work, I was sitting on our deck and spotted the first bloom on my young tibouchina plant - a deep velvety purple that this camera could not capture accurately - but here it is.

Wishing a happy Independence Day to my American family, friends and readers!

Marja-Leena | 04/07/2008 | 7 comments
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I'm very much in tune with what you are up to these days. We don't have the heat, however, which is a real blessing. My mother returns on Thursday night, so I have to manage all those piles of things before then. This time it is mostly books and fabrics which have to be recycled. I'm really trying not to 'shove in a corner till later' this time, because it's about time I learned that that way madness lies!

The flowers are such a delight, though. I have new sweet peas which I'm wondering how to capture. I love both the colours and linear elements of your photo.

mm love the colour

Wandering and Rosie: thanks for the comments and visits!

Olga, I really appreciate your sharing your own similar trials for they do encourage me to carry on. Slowly I'm getting used to having a full house, even preparing the old hide-a-bed (which we're trying to get rid off) for a short visit from a sister-in-law. She's just lucky to have a bed right now! Even my husband, a worse packrat than I, is getting the purging bug. He's just sold an old moped which he's stored in the garage for years, a good time right now with people cutting back on driving cars! Amidst all this, l still hope to have some time this summer to get back to the printmaking studio to finish a couple of editions.

Still a lovely purple, even if not as gorgeous as the original.

Continuing good courage with the clearout!

That is lovely! Best wishes for all the settling in, and for time to get away into your studio.

Lucy and Leslee, thank you both!