friendship day


Hauskaa Ystävänpäivää and Happy Friendship Day**, everyone!

Since learning about this very inclusive celebration, I like it far more than our over-commercialized and wasteful Valentine’s Day, as long as we keep it simple. I did make this heart for you, dear readers, by recycling and cutting up a proof of a collagraph print, just like the number 3 made a little while ago.

It is amazing how many people and even countries now loathe and try to banish Valentine’s Day. Yet there are those who are eager to go to Love, a town in Saskatchewan on this day of the year.

And here’s a story of another kind of love, about a diplomat who fell in love with the Finnish language.

** This link no longer exists. Please go to Wikipedia’s entry on Valentine’s Day and scroll down to Europe and Finland.

February 14, 2007 in Culture, Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric by Marja-Leena