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Marja-Leena | 18/03/2009 | 12 comments
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Very nifty! You have wrung artistic beauty out of a wet rag day. The pictures remind me of a painting style I can't wrap my brain around this early in the morning. Rain clouds are hanging low now after a precious one-day springy appetizer here yesterday.

I'm trying to guess the make of car. A Saturn? Nah, can't be.

The first of the photos, especially, reminds me of the quick brushstrokes of some Impressionist paintings.

I appreciate your "eye," Marja-Leena; your take on the world around you.

Such rain! Your images make for a glorious watery world.

Believe it or not, that's just what it looks like around here today, and in fact throughout the islands. Probably a lot of disappointed tourists right now.

Thanks, all, for your nice comments. My husband was running a quick errand while I waited in the car. I was mesmerized by the movement of the raindrops on glass and the resulting distortions and that feeling of enclosed space.... good thing I had the camera.

Yes, I was surprised how painterly the images look, a bit pointillist like Seurat and a bit of Degas, don't you think?

Barrett, naughty as usual, heh. I have no idea what make of car that was, I really did not pay attention, I rarely do when it comes to cars. I think that's a male thing...

Oh Hattie, your comment came in just as I wrote mine. Rain in Hawaii is much warmer, I should think. It's snowing in the mountains, brrr...

I always wish that more photographers would tackle rain, especially given how universal a subject it is. I love what you have done, and see potential for really interesting work there. I find them reminding me of Gerhardt Richter's paintings; but I think that really they are wonderfully themselves.

There's a certain interior car smell, when the windows are up and the rain slides down the glass, which these photographs makes me recall.

Your pictures are breath-taking.

Olga, good point! I have taken and posted photos of rain on the skylight many times but these may be the first from inside the car and of urban scenes. Who knows where this will lead me....

Joe, recalling smells...that's good. I'm recalling camping in our old VW van... I'd get a bit claustrophobic especially at night!

Anne, thank you! You're still here, thought you were off to Alaska?

These are wonderful!! Makes me cold and bone chilled and damp!!