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Our October days have been alternating between warm and sunny with crisp nights or cool and rainy. Today was a golden day with a clear blue sky. As I was driving home from the studio, I felt my heart sing as I passed glorious huge maple trees ablaze in all the shades of yellow, gold and amber, contrasting with the ever present evergreens of the West Coast. I was reminded of a recent article about Vancouver's Midas touch in autumn. How I wished I'd had the camera with me to catch the light glimmering behind those brilliant trees.

A bit of that mood returned late this afternoon when the sun shone into my office and briefly danced its golden light and shadows on the closet wall and on my desk. This time I had the camera handy to catch that ephemeral moment in time.

Marja-Leena | 22/10/2008 | 9 comments
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It was like that here, too. I particularly like the second photo.

It's uplifting isn't it to experience the light so, specially when the Sun comes slanting in late afternoon.

The maples must contrast beautifully against the blue skies.

Beautiful pictures.

I think these are perhaps more evocative of autumn than pictures of trees and leaves, which somehow never quite capture the real glory of the subject. But this interior light is beautiful.

Dave, these kinds of days are special, aren't they, especially after some rainy days?

Anil, yes, the blue, golds and dark greens! Thank you.

Lucy, thanks, I'm glad you feel these photos still managed to capture the feeling of the autumn light.

Question: Is it an office or a studio or two separate rooms? Also, I'm particularly fascinated by the object on the left that cast the shadow. Could it be an elongated image of a bentwood chair?

Another point. Given that the yellow and the brown might well be tonal variations of the same colour are the photos therefore monochrome? The latter word tends to be used about black, white and grey.

Glad to see the SLR continues to be "hungry".

Barrett, both photos are taken in our 'office', or computer room, the former bedroom of our eldest daughter. I assume you are talking about the second photo, which is of the top of the desk against the window - the shadows are from a plant and objects on the windowsill, as well as the head of the desk lamp, all merged in a strange way! Similar effects on the louvered closet doors to the right of the window.

Interesting point, BB! These are full colour shots but the wood colours are warm, further warmed by the sun, so the result does seem monochrome. Similar to the yellows, golds and ambers on the trees!

Makes me want to curl up on that floor like a cat. :-)

We, too, are enjoying a golden autumn here in Oxfordshire. Yesterday my own 'golden moment' came as I stood under the soft glow of a street lamp and marveled at the comfort it gave me

Leslee, yes, I know the feeling!

Mouse, I'm so happy that you are finding such moments in your new life!